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An attractive yet functional infill apartment complex on a tight budget and sloping site.

Project Details:

  • Project Name: The Arden Apartments
  • Client: Capital Associates and Fuller Land Development
  • Location: Raleigh, NC
  • Size:  4,800 sq ft, 3 Stories
  • Project Type: Multifamily

Client Challenge

Capital Associates and Fuller Land Development approached Finley Design with a challenge to design an attractive yet functional infill apartment project that would fit their tight budget on a sloping site. The developers wanted to elevate the design of the project and achieve something sophisticated with an entry-level residential product.

Design Approach

Finley Design started with the site plan and developed concepts for the building footprints that would maximize the number of units on the site while working with the topography. Our team then developed highly efficient unit designs that would allow us to achieve flat facades without projections to keep the structural system as simple and affordable as possible. Once this was established, we focused on specific design features that elevated the feel of the project while being economical.

The contemporary design embraced the possibilities of two-dimensional changes in color and materials, with depth provided by specific features at areas of circulation and pedestrian interaction. Projecting planar features – along with accents of wide trim features and projecting frames around groups of openings – established a unique character to the project that differentiated it from similar projects in the area while achieving a unique and engaging design.

The site was laid out with a pair of “L” shaped buildings surrounding a central amenity area. The clubhouse was located with access to the courtyard as well as strong brand identity and visibility from the entrance of the project. The central pool amenity is visible from the majority of the units, establishing a community hub at the center of the project. The visualization incorporated into the design process was instrumental in collaborating with the client on color and material selections throughout the project.

The first images of the proposed design the client experienced were 3D renderings showing exactly how the project would look, giving them clarity that allowed them to collaborate in the design process by working with our team on minor changes to achieve the final design.

Finley Design worked closely with the client and contractor to address questions as they arose during the construction process. Our team provided timely responses and dedicated defenses of the contract documents in compliance with the contract, emphasizing accountability in each team member’s role.

Project Result

The design of the Arden project exceeded the clients’ expectations for what was possible. This was accomplished while also staying within their pro forma budget during the highly turbulent and inflationary construction market experienced due to Covid in 2021.

In the end, Finley Design was able to deliver a multifamily residential project that provided both visual appeal and functional efficiency while staying within budget. The Arden project stands out as a unique addition to the neighborhood, achieving the clients’ goals of sophisticated design with an entry-level residential product.