The Arden Apartments

The Arden project presented Finley Design with the challenge of designing an attractive yet functional infill apartment complex on a tight budget and sloping site. To maximize unit placement, the team developed efficient unit designs with flat facades, keeping the structural system simple and affordable. The contemporary design incorporated two-dimensional changes in color and materials, resulting in a unique and engaging appearance. Planar features, wide trim elements, and projecting frames around openings added to the project’s visual appeal without compromising cost-effectiveness.
By carefully laying out two “L” shaped buildings around a central amenity area, including a well-positioned clubhouse and visible central pool amenity, the project achieved a strong sense of community. Visualization played a vital role in collaborating with the client, allowing for real-time adjustments to achieve the desired final design. Despite challenges from a turbulent construction market during the COVID-19 pandemic, Finley Design delivered a multifamily residential project that exceeded client expectations, standing out as a sophisticated addition to the neighborhood while adhering to the budgetary constraints. The Arden project showcases Finley Design’s ability to create visually appealing and functional spaces within limited financial resources.


Raleigh, NC


Capital Associates and Fuller Land Development


4,800 sq ft, 3 Stories