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Working at Finley Design

Working at Finley Design is like working with great friends. We’re a close, talented team and most people who join our firm stay for years. Leadership is strong, hours are flexible, remote work is common, and our office reflects our design style - functional, attractive and efficient. You’ll be comfortable working with both clients and colleagues in our contemporary space in Durham, NC.

Even if no jobs are posted, Finley Design welcomes resumes from experienced design professionals in the areas of: architectural design for commercial and residential projects, environmental design, master planning, interior design and project management.

​​Your career opportunity

At Finley Design, you have the opportunity to join a growing firm and make significant contributions right from the start. As you discover how we work, you’ll be trained as needed to sharpen and broaden your skills while supporting a growing architectural firm. You’ll be able to focus on your career and where you want to go, with a leadership team that listens and collaborates with you to achieve your goals.

Who we are (and who we aren’t)

We are a supportive group of professionals focused on achieving a collaborative vision for each project in a positive way including each member of the team. 

We work smart, economically, and efficiently in a fast-paced yet comfortable environment focused on the quality of the work itself. We are not a production firm focused on timesheets, profitability reports, and hourly task targets.

We foster an environment of positive insight and constructive accountability. We discourage unproductive negative attitudes and the detrimental impact they can have on a team.

We have a culture that recognizes, supports, and encourages personal creativity and expression. We are not a corporate firm focused on a monolithic brand.

We believe in respect, acceptance, diversity, and support of different cultures, viewpoints, and personalities.

What we do

We provide leadership and expertise in our market sectors that exhibit the unique qualities we bring to each project, differentiating us from other firms.

We design unique brands with compelling architectural environments and dramatic lighting. 

We listen to our clients and create dynamic environments for commercial, Mixed Use, and residential projects that develop memorable experiences through innovative and economical design.

We design a variety of different types of projects: Mixed Use, apartments, retail, office, restaurants, interiors, town centers, small projects, urban, and suburban. 

Who we’re looking for

We are building our team with professionals inspired to learn, grow, design, detail, and pursue their professional goals.

  • Individuals motivated to challenge themselves to find out what they can achieve.  
  • People intrigued by the prospect of working on a diverse range of projects, learning from talented architects in a way that achieves the collaborative vision. 
  • Team members excited about supporting our work on a variety of different types of projects, broadening their experience and continually growing in their expertise. 

What we can do for you

We can work with you to create a career development plan, set goals, and support you in achieving them. We can train you in office systems, processes and software. We can compensate you at a high level, and reward your hard work with generous bonuses. 

Your interview experience

Once you are selected for an interview, here’s what you experience during our meeting:

  • Our mission
  • Our culture
  • The vision for the firm
  • Your job role
  • Your career development plan, and how we can get you where you want to go
  • Positive attitude as a core value 
  • Empowerment of each team member
  • Honest approach with clients
  • Focus on client experience
  • Compensation and benefits
  • The value of our bonus program
  • Options for remote work

Our commitment to you

You’ll enjoy a culture focused on exceeding client expectations. You’ll work with established professionals in an environment with mentorship opportunities, innovative tools, and a strong sense of team. Your career development path will be individually tailored to make the most of your strengths and passions.

Finley Design’s culture encourages creativity without sacrificing quality, while offering a great work life balance. We’re always working on new innovation solutions, designing creative commercial and residential projects in several states.

For every team member, we focus on your experience working with us, making the most of it, and helping you achieve your goals.

Every person is unique, and we embrace that.

How you get more

With Finley Design, you get more. 

  • More focus on your needs
  • More personal interaction with senior members of the firm
  • More opportunities to grow as a professional
  • More positive working environment
  • More compensation for hard work
  • More balanced professional life