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Retail + Renovations

Build Simply

Finley Design strives to achieve your aesthetic vision using the most efficient methods available. By building simply, your project will look dynamic while staying on budget. The implementation of basic architectural forms that are functional and economical allows us to focus on a few features with sophisticated application of exterior finishes to achieve a result that looks more expensive than it actually is.

Specializing in:

  • Mixed Use town centers
  • Lifestyle centers
  • Shopping centers
  • Unanchored centers
  • Single-tenant projects
  • Mall redevelopments
  • Retail renovations

Design with light

Light creates drama and makes a strong impression with people. Finley Design incorporates lighting design that delivers tremendous visual impact with minimal expense. Great lighting also increases a commercial retail project’s visibility and your customer’s perception of safety.

Establish your brand

Many new or underperforming commercial projects lack a strong identity. Finley Design analyzes how new and existing commercial developments should be positioned and work with you and your team to create a brand that will establish your property’s position in the local and regional market. The brand provides you with a competitive advantage for the current market and helps you fend off competition from new commercial development in the future.

Renovations and rebrand

Build on the existing positive features, rebrand the rest. 

Every existing development has its flaws, but there will also be many things that function properly in your commercial renovation. Avoid improper use of financial resources that unnecessarily increase costs. Fix the flaws and keep what works.

Featured Retail + Renovation Projects


In Newport News, Jefferson Marketplace has established itself as a destination for new restaurant and retail tenants. The new center, featuring over 30,000 sf in four buildings, presents a welcoming face to the street while complying with the city’s desire for parking behind the buildings. 


Once a groundbreaking retail destination, Waverly Place had become a failed center. The dynamic new vision for the project features a unique contemporary architectural style, warm colors, and great signage. The Grand Promenade at the center of the project provides a dynamic gathering and events space with fountains, waterfalls, fire elements, and a children’s play area. 


This long-neglected mall was in need of a substantial rebranding as a regional destination. The design for the transformation of the mall features new contemporary architectural elements that add energy and vitality to the drab brick facades. Outdoor spaces include areas for events, outdoor dining, and a generally inviting streetscape. 


The competition-winning design for this retail renovation and expansion in Raleigh completely rebrands what has been one of the market’s worst-looking centers. The vertical, contemporary aesthetic and bold colors establish a unique identity in the market, which complements the personality of the new Trader Joe’s anchor. 


Finley Design was engaged to act as Project Designer for the Raleigh Executive Jetport, working in conjunction with the Architect of Record, Sherman Architecture PLLC. The project includes a new airport terminal with a variety of guest amenities, meeting rooms, and an observation deck. The design establishes a new forward-thinking identity for the JetPort as it continues expansion now and into the future. The jetport is the first endeavor into design-build delivery by the NC Department of Transportation.