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The successful integration of our creative solutions, flexibility in incorporating changes, and design finesse created an upscale apartment community that sets a new standard in the market.

Project Details:

  • Project Name: Medley at Northwood Landing Apartments
  • Client: Eco CP LLC
  • Location: Pittsboro, NC
  • Size:  304,562 sq ft, 3 Stories
  • Project Type: Multifamily

Client Challenge

Finley Design was approached by Eco Group, a prominent real estate developer, to update a previous project and establish a more contemporary prototype for the Medley at Northwood Landing Apartments. The client sought an innovative and dynamic aesthetic that would set their development apart in a highly competitive market. The challenge was to reimagine the clubhouse and fitness buildings while adhering to a standard pro forma budget and achieving positive results.

Design Approach

Finley Design embarked on a meticulous process to address the client’s requirements and surpass their expectations. By examining the possibilities of a more contemporary language for the existing prototype, we identified opportunities to elevate the design and create a unique brand for the Medley at Northwood Landing Apartments. Our expertise with prototypes similar to this project enabled us to bring valuable insights and experience to the table.

We proposed a design solution that included a central amenity area featuring two 36-unit Garden apartment buildings, each with three breezeways, framing a vibrant courtyard with a pool, open amenity space, and accessory structures such as a mail kiosk. The clubhouse and fitness functions were strategically split into the two 36-unit buildings, facing each other across the courtyard. This approach fostered a resort-like ambiance, appealing to potential tenants.

Project Result

Finley Design’s innovative design solution exceeded the client’s expectations, providing them with a distinctive and upscale apartment community. The sophisticated design aesthetic of the Medley at Northwood Landing Apartments introduces open unit plans, modern details, and a highly functional layout. By integrating soaring spaces, dramatic lighting, and premium finishes, the reimagined clubhouse engages potential tenants, leaving a lasting impression.

Throughout the process, our team demonstrated flexibility and adaptability. When leasing input was provided late in the construction documents process, we efficiently modified the residential unit mix, adding more two-bedroom units while adhering to the approved site plan. Our initiative and proactive approach led the process of redesigning the amenity spaces, transforming them into a new and improved design that embraced contemporary trends.

The impact of our design on clarity of decisions, achieving entitlements, and project financing was significant. By incorporating high-quality renderings and animations, we provided the client with a clear vision of the improvements made, enabling them to fully embrace the new design aesthetic. This visualization played a crucial role in securing entitlements and attracting investors who recognized the project’s potential and unique brand.

In our design approach, we paid meticulous attention to lighting. The clubhouse’s soaring cathedral ceiling, extending from the entrance to the central space’s back, created an impactful feature. Functional elements, such as the kitchen, sitting area, and cabinetry, were highlighted with uplifting illumination, resulting in a captivating play of light and shadow. Vertical slats extending from the wall face to the ceiling further enhanced the visual drama.