Unique dining experiences

Define a Collaborative Vision

Your interior space needs to be a perfect fit for the activities that play out in your business on a daily basis. Finley Design leads the comprehensive conversation to brainstorm your spatial requirements, functional needs, aesthetic goals, economic considerations, and budget.

These details equip our team to design creative and innovative solutions. The interior space that emerges from this process achieves your goals and vision, often incorporating unexpected surprises that delight tenants, employees and visitors on a daily basis.

Specializing in:

  • Restaurants
  • Corporate Interiors
  • Medical Upfits
  • Interior Renovations
  • Ground Up Restaurants

Health, Wellness, and Technology

The need to focus on the health and well being of users as well as thoughtful integration of technology is always of paramount importance. Abundant lighting, sustainable and Low VOC materials, and sufficient air quality all contribute to a healthy workplace.

In addition, the integration of technology for connectivity, telecommunications, video conference, and other features encourage collaboration among team members and promote a seamless and efficient space designed for productivity.

Memorable Impressions that Reinforce Your Brand

Use your interior to reflect your brand and company culture. Create first impressions with a memorable entrance, lobby, reception and conference space. Or for restaurants, begin a dramatic dining experience with the hostess and waiting area followed by the first view of the dining room.

Finley Design employs dramatic lighting, warm material selections, and elegant architectural statements to create spaces that reflect your brand and company culture, build energy and creativity, and enhance productivity and profit.

Exploit the Unique Qualities in Your Space

At Finley Design, we believe every space offers unique opportunities to exploit. Existing buildings often embody a specific character that brings depth and authenticity to a user experience. We focus on identifying your creative opportunities and developing solutions that incorporate them to the benefit of your project.

Our designers work with the specific qualities in your space and add complementary and contrasting features to deliver a rich combination of new and old that engages users in a distinctive way.

Featured Interiors Projects


The striking design for the 10,000 sf restaurant features bold folding walls and ceiling planes that define the space in contrast to the existing structure. Dramatic lighting and a limited palette of colors give the space a vibrant consistency with an extremely efficient layout. While only 30% larger than the original restaurant, the final design features nearly twice the seating of the original space.


Art Burger & Sushi is a new concept developed for the Myrtle Beach downtown boardwalk. The hand crafted burgers and innovative sushi are complemented by the random wood planks that cover the walls and ceilings. The impression is reminiscent of a sushi mat or coastal dune fence. Dramatic color-changing lighting made custom for the space creates a creative and exciting dining experience.