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Exterior and interior architectural renderings give clients the ability to visualize details, gain understanding of how unbuilt spaces will feel and flow, and make informed decisions about design. In 2022, Finley Design invested in leading edge technologies and new team members with the skills to bring our clients 3D visualization capabilities for even more success. 

We’re excited to share two new areas of expertise with you: photorealistic renderings and interior design.

Photorealistic Renderings Inform Project Decisions

We’ve been delivering high quality renderings to our clients since the inception of Finley Design in 2004. SketchUp and Photoshop were the tools of choice 10+ years ago. At the time, the renderings elevated visual communication and provided clients with a competitive edge. But with the advancement of technology, we can now give clients a near-realistic view of their project. 

Finley Design established ArchiCAD as our Building Information Model (BIM) and recruited new team members with expertise in architectural rendering technology. The integration of ArchiCAD with TwinMotion, 3D Studio Max and Unreal Engine, generates photorealistic, 3D renderings that give clients a virtual “real life experience” before a single dollar is invested in construction. 

Photorealistic renderings  increase our team’s ability to design collaboratively with each other and with clients. The visualization that emerges from this process illustrates critical informed decisions developed by the entire team.

Clarity for The Guild at Mosaic

We recently engaged our visualization team to create a series of renderings for the Guild at Mosaic, a 160-unit apartment building in Mosaic at Chatham Park. We leveraged our new technological capabilities to create realistic depictions of residential units along with views of the interior clubhouse and exterior pool deck. These visualizations have been deployed by the leasing team in the marketing materials and website for The Guild as the project nears completion.

These photorealistic renderings provide Kane Realty, the residential leasing partner, with the essential collateral they need to successfully lease the project. Additionally, the high-quality visualization provided clarity to Eco C.P., LLC, setting expectations for the architectural environment we’ve designed. 

Interior Design Capabilities + 3D Renderings 

No project is complete without the finishing touches. Finley Design is passionate about color palettes, furniture, fixtures, and lighting design that create unique and functional interior spaces. To expand and elevate our capabilities, we’ve grown our team with designers capable of developing dynamic interior environments that align perfectly with the collaborative vision for each project.

Finley’s design professionals work closely with clients to gain a comprehensive understanding of the project vision and functional requirements. Aesthetics, branding, code compliance, and functionality are important factors we consider when designing interior spaces.

The expansion of our interior design capabilities allows us to offer our clients a more comprehensive range of services. These full-service capabilities provide a one-stop solution and make the design process efficient and seamless. Finley Design’s leadership, vision and collaboration with furniture, fixtures and equipment (FFE) designers result in cohesive interior environments that achieve the brand and vision of each project with an emphasis on cost effective selections and responsive service. 

Interior Design + Photorealistic Renderings Give Vision for Northwood Landing

We applied our growing expertise to design amenity spaces for Northwood Landing Apartments in Pittsboro, NC. For the clubhouse and fitness center, the team focused on creating a sophisticated hospitality environment for potential residents, the leasing team, and guests.

After developing the initial conceptual sketch, the challenge was to create a spatially-efficient space while achieving optimal flexibility for specific functions. We implemented a feature wall for the clubhouse that extends from the front to the back, incorporating the kitchen counter, banquette seating, focused workspace, storage, and entertainment. This wall organizes the space and provides multiple functions to animate the clubhouse with various finishes and colors.

Vertical slats extending to the cathedral ceiling highlight the feature wall. These slats incorporate warm backlighting that provides ambient lighting and decorative shadows to make the space feel taller. At the same time, we focused on maintaining human scale at the pedestrian level to make visitors feel welcome.

By composing feature walls and other design elements, we created distinct areas with unique characteristics while maintaining an overall sense of cohesion. Flanking the feature wall on the opposite side of the clubhouse, a cluster of spaces, including leasing offices, a business center, billiards, and lounge space provide specific functionality while breaking the space into smaller components designed for each use.

Visualization + Interior Design Deliver More

Skilled team members working with the latest technologies elevate architectural experience for our clients and allow us to push the boundaries of what’s possible in design. 

As we continue to invest in our team and employ new technologies, you can experience even more value in your next project. 

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