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Mixed Use and Multifamily Architecture: What size firm is best?

If you’ve got a big-scale architectural project, you might think you need a large firm to handle it. But, a large firm actually may not be the right fit. With the right processes, small, experienced teams can actually deliver a better product and experience than a large firm.

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Discover 6 Clues You Need

Have you ever asked your architect about their management philosophy and processes with regard to these 6 key areas? This ebook discusses the clues you need to investigate when selecting the right size firm for your big-scale challenge.

Active Listening

Shared Vision

Visualization & Detail

Proactive Leadership

Team Size

Project Management

About Finley Design

Finley Design PA is a commercial architecture firm specializing in Mixed Use, Multifamily, Retail, Offices and Interior Design. We believe every client deserves an extraordinary architectural design experience. That’s why we promise more. More listening, more attention to detail and more from your budget. Unlike other experiences you may have had, Finley Design clients are amazed at our discovery process that starts projects right and rapid design processes that deliver more creativity and more of your vision. Experience the Finley Design difference. 

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